Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My first Crossbow..

Well, not really! I've made about 100 crossbows at this time, whew... and I hope to make many many more.
However this is the first crossbow that will be made that came from my new website, pretty exciting.

Interestingly enough, it is for a bow that I only made ONCE, years ago, and it was hunted down,  through my Flickr page, and I was contacted about it.
What kind, I hear you say?

Well, two or three years ago, I made a one-off (I thought) "musket butt" bow for a client. I thought it looked pretty interesting, but, since it was not medieval, I did not bother to make a category for it, but, I am thinking, I might now. It was a pretty good looking bow, after all, and the front half was medieval... right?

Here is the link to that set on Flickr, that shows that process, and the rifle butts that helped me determine the final shape.

And, here is a shot of the bow in progress:

and, here is a shot of the bow, all done.
It is in cherry, with a fairly strong prod, blued steel bent lockplates, and a lovely tiger maple top deck.

Not a bad looking bow, for all that it is only partly medieval. But, it is a beautiful shape, and I think I will add it to the list of bows that can be made by Yours Truly, SwiftHound Bows.

So, we'll make the client this bow, in walnut, with a maple deck, some thin banding on the back half, and a nice plow trigger.
Now, to talk to my blacksmith about that trigger...


Remember, always Double-Tap.
"Sagitto Bis"

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